Thursday, April 12, 2007

My fortnight on wheels

Saturday: 80km secret k’s around Eltham with AJ, C-mac, and M-VART- bumped into Nick Walker out for a cruise also.
Sunday: sleepy
Monday: still sleepy
Tuesday: 1 hr tempo+ commuting, 70kms
Wednesday: 1 hr tempo+ commuting, 70kms
Thursday: pub
Friday: pub
Saturday: Hell ride: 150kms
Sunday: study
Monday: 1 hr tempo + an easy ride: 80kms
Tuesday: 30 kms commuting
Wednesday: commuting 30kms
Thursday: Track- I’m racing A grade now, and doing about as well as I do in B grade. No results. 20kms
Friday: pub


Just emerging from illness, and an assignment induced coma.

Looking forward to next week


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