Monday, April 09, 2007

Bloc Party High Point

This interesting quote today: Kele Okereke of Bloc today said his career highlight was touring Australia in 2005.

High point: "Touring Australia in 2005. The realisation dawned that on the other side of the world, people were moved by the music we were making, and that was a fantastic feeling."

Yey, I can say I was there :D

At the time I remember him being really surprised that Bloc Party had fans in Australia- he seemed genuinely amazed, and even a bit bemused.

I also remember him saying that they probably wouldn't be back for a long time. I thought at the time that he was being a bit full of himself- ie 'we're going to be so huge that we will never have the time to come back'- But looking back you realise that at that stage they hadn't yet hit the big time in the UK. He was probably thinking more along the lines of 'we're never going to make it, so you probably won't see us again'.

Funny what a difference a little hindsight makes.


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