Thursday, March 08, 2007

My Week on Wheels

Saturday: 100kms: Lorne to Apollo Bay + a bit. Good fast tempo ride to knock the cobwebs out. Lorne was full of riders when I got back due to the Otway classic.
Sunday: 80kms. A slow ride followed by a time trial effort from Lorne to Benwerrin. A nice 10km climb.
Monday: restin.
Tuesday: 4 min intervals: 60kms
Wednesday: Interval work with Nick again- 60kms.
Thursday: Track racing- more stunning fifth place finishes, tactical errors and stuff ups down at the track. 30kms. Stuart Vaughan commented to me after the motor pace that it is truly amazing how I can manage to be last wheel with 3 laps to go in the motorpace week in week out. Some serious tactical changes are necessary!
Friday: Nought


Tomorrow I return to the Hell ride- so it's time to get back into road mode and knock up some more chamois time.

Time to get back in the gym also.


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