Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Week on Wheels

Saturday: 170kms nice and easy with some great company in the bicigaga crew, and Alex James. A nice slow relaxing ride to destress and lose the kgs.

Sunday: Nuffing
Monday: Pyramid o' Death at the Mellowdrome with Stuart Vaughan 4 laps, 6 laps, 10 laps, 6 laps, 4 laps- Austral wheelrace look out! 50kms
Tuesday: 3*12 minute intervals at Richmond boulevard + one naked lady + Gym session. 60kms
Wednesday: 4*8 minutes intervals at Richmaond. 55kms

Thursday: 30kms

50km points score at Carnegie. 137 laps- I managed to make it down to the 50th lap, but got lapped twice. I did manage a second place in one of the earlier sprints. This race was far to hard for me at the moment, but I am getting there. Just got to race more crits, and get some more intensity. I also found that my track bike is not suited to longer races of this nature. After 10 minutes I couldn't feel my hands and the lower part of my arms due to the ridiculous drop. In the future I would probably upturn the stem/ get some shallow drop road handlebars for this type of event. I rode a 92'6'' gear- which was not to bad, but I think I could have ridden a 94- I'm too big for really spinning out the small gear, and found that I was a bit undergunned.

The top boys finished the 50kms in 1 hour and 6! Which is about 46km/hr I think. The winner was Hamish Taylor- A very impressive ride from him. There were some japanese riders down also who were just crazy. Damien O'Brien of Drapac Prosche also rode a very attacking race.

I have to say that I had some good company when I pulled out in the form of Todd Wilksch and Rusty 'the track turtle' Collins. This race was clearly a bit too hard for the pure sprinters.

I loved this race, and really hope there are more races like this so I can become a better rider!

We should do one at the Mellowdrome!!!

Friday: Gym

km count: 365


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