Thursday, January 18, 2007

My Week On (and Off) Wheels

Firstly a wonderful quote from Paulo Bettini:

"Flanders is like a beautiful woman. So, it is like I am not an example of beauty, and my build is not so adapted to this course. I have to work to come from behind; I have to court her... It is right that Tom [Boonen] will have the full disposition of the team, but I hope to have my say too."

interesting quote!

Now the not so secret kms

Saturday: Sleep in
Sunday: 100km strength endurance intervals in the Dandenongs (five climbs)
Monday: Pursuit intervals at the mellowdrome (2 sets of 3*4mins intervals with 8 mins between sets)
Tuesday: 30km easy
Wednesday: 45km (Hawthorn crit- hard workout on the front for most of the night)
Thursday: 20kms track racing- fourth place in the scratch, won the first sprint in the points (then tanked it hard), crashed out of the motorpace. Again not my fault- some idiot fell in front of me and I had nowhere to go- his body was up the track, and his bike was down the track. So I ran over his bike and broke its fork. Pay back! But I've also got a pretty dinged up front wheel. The clear side wall of my front tyre actually has a smear of blood across it (ok red paint from the line!). But it looks pretty ferocious anyway. So yeah, I'm nursing some pretty ordinary track burn today. Luckily for me Jess was at the track and was able to perform a wonderful first aid job on the burns- they are looking pretty good today. Here's hoping they clear up quickly. Thanks Jess- what would I do without you?
Friday: recouperate

Another easy week with only around 200kms on the clock- but with only 30kms easy, there was some quality.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ahhh Timmo, bad luck mate. You seem to attract all the idiot crach bandicoots.. still you did crunch his forks!


9:43 PM  
Blogger C-mac said...

That's not an easy week. Chuck in some 1-2 minute intervals (X6-8) with long rests (8 minutes) to make you puke and that looks like peaking.

11:55 PM  

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