Wednesday, December 13, 2006

North Road Ride Smash

More road carnage this morning on the North Road Ride.

I hope everyone is allright and makes a quick recovery.

I especially hope you weren't out this morning Cam.

But this is a serious problem with riding on Punt Road or Nepean Highway early in the mornings- there are still some of the dregs from the night before going home.

I've seen drunks leaning out the back of cabs trying to tackle cyclists early in the morning. I've seen soft drink bottles thrown out of speeding vehicles at cyclists. It doesn't really surprise me that an incident such as this could occur.

These two particular arterial roads seem to me to be worse than others.

And then a bunch of rubber necks on the opposite side of the road have rear-enders as well.

This has to be the main problem with drivers, the way they treat driving as a passive activity like sitting at home in front of the television.

Concentrate when you drive people, you aren't at home on the couch.


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