Monday, November 27, 2006

HCC Velofest

A few pictures from velofest on Sunday- here's me competing in the 'Big Foot' scooter race.

I was absolutely hopeless- and got burnt feet from the hot bitumen!

Hmmm, interesting style...

In the top photo, if you look closely you can still see the massive lump above my right knee that's kept me from riding over the past month. Ouch!

I was nominated for the Armstrong Award...

'The Armstrong Award (for commitment to competition through adversity)
- Tim 'Tumbling Tim' Watson (for somehow completing the Midlands tour after crashing; for completing the Warny with the main bunch – after a flat; surviving several crashes during the season)
- Shane Miller (for completing several road races after some nasty spills)

Winner: Tim Watson'

Onwards and upwards.

In other HCC news Stuart Vaughan won his heat in the Melbourne Cup on Wheels, and backed it up to come fourth overall. What a great performance. On Thursday night he managed to beat Travis Meyer in the scratch race in a huge ride- attacking the bunch with 2.5 laps to go in signature style. I was so pissed off that I had to sit this race out through injury because it looked like heaps of fun... ah well, there'll always be a next time.

Toby Dite won A grade on the track at Carnegie on Saturday- this kid has jet shoes.

And in my comeback to the track- I bag 1st place in the C Grade points race on Thursday, with one leg and not able to stand up in the sprints :D


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