Thursday, November 30, 2006

shit celebrity. larson edition

i was walking north along swanston, when my eyes were averted to a black tee-shirt with künt printed in flourescent green. i was glad i didn't roll my eyes, for if i did i would have not realised that it was warwick capper inside the provocative cotton tubing.

allez. my first shit celebrity.


Blogger timboy said...

I saw Justin Madden at Threshermans on SUnday morning post election.

The dude looks like he's been grazing in a pretty lush paddock for the last few years.

What impressed me however, was that we were both riding the same bike- a pinarello galileo. Albeit his was the stock standard off the shelf version, and monstorously huge.

The man is a giant, and a very lethargic pedaller. I don't think technology has got to the point where blokes as big as him can ride without breaking gear regularly. I have enough trouble, and I'm a foot shorter than him, and probably 40-50kgs lighter.

Quite a sight.

So there you have it, two ex-footballing shit celebrities in the last week. BRAVO :(D.

8:05 PM  
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