Wednesday, November 29, 2006

holiday reading

on tuesday, the sun turned my skin pink, possibly a reflection of my political allegiances, possibly noticing my favoured flavour big M, possibly punishing a white boy for playing frisbee too long. is the sun interventionist? who knows, all i am aware of is a renewed respect for the power of the sun's rays.

so i've been passing some of my time on the internet. firstly, is Gideon Haigh's take on the Ashes. this is more of a scratching post for his work at the Guardian. i've been a fan of his since the lost ashes, where he also wrote on cricinfo.

Miss Fits had me relativising the size of my coconuts. After this afternoon's swim i'll be able to tell you exactly how insecure i am.

Tony Abbott's attempt to impose his moral judgements on us is funny and would be disturbing if it weren't so bad:
firstly, an attempt to define the debate, "For people anxious to be "modern", the real problem with the monarchy is that they didn't think of it first."
then his morals, poorly argued...
"In an age accustomed to the breaking of the most sacred promises" (zing!)
"a reminder of the transcendent in the life of the world... the monarch represents that ideal of duty and service that is always beyond the reach of actual human beings but towards which all should strive" (pow!)

until i'm on my deathbed, i'll stick to my own version of lapsed catholicism. the perpetual guilt owing to 13 years of the vatican-approved education is enough without your bedrock being forced upon me, thanks tony.

musicwise, i caught Love of Diagrams and Partyline at the tote last night. The former played much off their new EP whilst the latter played the same song three times and their guitarist pissed into a pot glass during one of these superfluous songs. stupid. funny. if you're not at meredith, i suggest pony's 2am late show to you.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know I'm going to regret this, but the reason I recognise hypocrisy so well is that I look at it every morning in the mirror...

That out of the way, we can now all watch with glee as Mr. Abbott attempts to live up to his "keeping promises" moral stature.

Cheese (and ethics over legislated morality any day) Lis

6:15 PM  

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