Sunday, January 14, 2007

Viva Darren Lapthorne!!!

How did the reigning Australian Road Race champion prepare for his big win on Saturday?

Race the A grade Hawthorn Crit on Wednesday night and lap the field within 20 minutes!

It's great to have such a quality rider come down and race on Wednesday nights, the guy is an incredible rider.

And I think it sends a message to other so called elite riders- get out and race. I don't think the pro's are as hungry for racing as Darren is at the moment. Sure they are focused on Europe, but if you want to win at this time of year you have to be out there racing regularly in preparation.

The big question now is how could Drapac Porsche have been left out of the Tour Down Under when they have achieved a one-two in the national championships with Lapthorne and Maclachlan???

A very strange decision from the organisers.


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Anonymous forearms Van Petegem said...

Drapac were left out so they could get the Euro second tier teams and Navigators. Ofcourse you know this. Since the Protour was formed by the UCI Mike Turtur and the TDU are limited to half the field from Protour squads, and the other half has to be UCI registered teams or national squads. Hence no Uni SA, only a Uni SA badged Australian squad.

What is the difference between those teams and one or two extra composite teams. Nothing really, the UCI just snubbing its nose at the Antipodean (NZ too) race promoters who rely upon badging composite teams with sponsors contingent upon those teams for the race. Like Bay Crits. Imagine if Trevorrow does not get Portfolio Partners et al. He struggles to get his race off the ground because of the business model is undermined.

UCI have no idea as usual.

There really should have been a spot for Drapac with that UCI regulation, but they had not earnt the cache. Take out Sergei Lagutin from Navs, and Drapac Porsche compares favourably.

Watch out for Rob Mchlachlan if they get an invite to a race like Grote Schedleprijs this year. If ever a man was built for Flemish races and cobbles it was this guy. He has to be more naturally talented than riders like the two Nicos, Mattan and Eeckhout.

Mclachlan got something like ten UCI wins last year from about 30 days racing. Not bad.

9:46 PM  

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