Thursday, February 08, 2007

My Week On Wheels

Well I finally got back on the bike after crashing and spending a week away in the Hunter Valley for work.

Taking the bus through the Northern suburbs of Sydney made me wonder why there aren;t more great cyclists out of the Nrothern Suburbs. Turramurra has so many hills to smash its ridiculous. There version of the tour de burbs would kick arse if they had one. And all that national park- there must be plenty of places to ride. The streets did look a bit narrow and congested on the other hand.

The previous weekend I went to the Wangaratta track carnival- absolute waste of time. my legs were still smashed from my crash. However, on the Sunday I did go up Falls Creek in under 1:25.00 which was a bit of a surprise!

Now, my week on wheels

Saturday: HCC Mascot ride and a few extra hills afterwards: 120kms
Sunday: Rest
Monday: Riding to work 30kms + weights
Tuesday: Riding to work 30kms + weights
Wednesday: Hawthorn A grade Crit 60kms: Lapped by Daniel Braunstein
Thrusday: 20kms Track- permanent fifth place all night in B grade. I was riding too big a gear in light of all the SE work I've been doing earlier in the week. I have to remember to keep Thursday night a fast night- small gears, high cadence. No more riding a 96" gear all night!


Still battling to get time on the bike (tomorrow morning I'm going to do the Hell ride and give 200kms a nudge).

Things I need to focus on over the next month or so: building leg speed, losing weight and doing more crits to lift the intsensity!

Only two weeks to go until the Austral.


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