Sunday, March 04, 2007

Monday Politics

Australia’s greatest hand grenade merchant is back in business this week riding shotgun for Heavy Kevvy and describing Peter Costello as ‘all tip and no ice-berg’ and John Howard as a ‘desiccated coconut’.

Paul Keating is a master of the English language- He is better than any politician going around at the moment in terms of knowing how to cut through, and get the message out.

Pretty funny ways to describe people as having no substance methinks.

He sure puts the Brian Burke controversy into perspective likening Burke and Grills to the dodgy brothers type characters from Minder. Very amusing stuff.

Howard sure is desperate at the moment. He insinuates that Rudd was in WA to do deals with Burke over the leadership- this despite the fact that Burke and Beazley are long time friends, and the WA caucus threw their vote behind Beazley in the leadership battle! If he was there to do deals, he was clearly pushing shit uphill. Rudd clearly received no political benefit from meeting with Burke at all.

Sacking a minister is a pretty extreme length to go to when all you are doing is throwing mud in the hope that some sticks.

In other news, manufacturing in Australia takes another step towards death with Holden set to cut 600 jobs from its Adelaide factory due to poor sales for the medium sized gas guzzling Conformodore.

Also, in a bid to prevent reproduction of its material on other websites, the Australian and Daily Telegraph now copy protect their blogs.

This comes from an organisation that already destroys archieved news stories.

These actions amount to censorship, but I think they have a more practical purpose- That is the removal of opinion pieces that are proven to be inaccurate. It is as much about protecting journalistic egos as proprietary material.

Glen Milne's articles appear to be burned up the fastest because they are so frequently based on hearsay and bullshit. His piece on the Rudd-Burke affair has already gone up in a puff of smoke never to be seen again!

Clearly News Corporation is not concerned about fostering public debate. The mission is to get the line out, unleash the hounds, and then hide behind the disposability of the internet.


Blogger Alex said...

The death of manufacturing is a wide spread misconception. The car industry is declining, yet all the other manufacturing areas are experiencing growth.

Paul Keating is in my opinion (which nearly always turns out to be right!) Australias greatest ever Australian. Nuff said.

10:08 PM  

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