Thursday, February 22, 2007

My Week on Wheels

Saturday: Nothing
Sunday: St Kilda Crit+track training 50kms. Absolute nightmare of a day- My rear tyre exploded in the back of the car on the way to the crit. This meant I had to borrow a wheel because I had left my track pump, tubes etc at home. The new wheel worked fine in warm up, but every time I went for a sprint the gears were ghost shifting. I was in a good position to win two of the intermediate sprints but couldn;t get out of the saddle to accelerate without the gears slipping all over the shop. TO make amends I went to the track afterwards and did some flying 200's, starts and even a couple of match sprints.
Monday: Pyramid'o'Death at the mellowdrome: 60kms
Tuesday: rest
Wedensday: Kew crit, raced A grade and struggled: 60kms
Thursday: Track- spinning small gears, getting everything sorted for Saturday night. 30kms. Jobe Dajka was out last night and looked a tad overweight- In todays Herald Sun he is saying he's 5kgs overweight- but it sure as hell looked a bit more like 10. James Langdyk was in great form last night, and should be hard to beat in the Austral. Damien Semmler is the other kid to watch. I have never seen an A grade field get so smashed up!
Friday: Rest


After the AUSTRAL the focus will go back onto road and racing crits- so hopefully some more kms (=more time on the bike).


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hmm whos the guy in third wheel? good to see you upright!!

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