Sunday, March 12, 2006

Timboy Acosts a Not Very Famous Person/ Children Collide and World’s End Press at Eurotrash

Ok, so I’m sitting in China Town drinking a slurpy, waiting for a mate to go to see WEP at Eurotrash. I’m just minding my own business when Shane ‘hammer time’ Heal comes walking down the street. I’m excited at my third not very famous person spotting in the space of a week, and so yell out ‘it’s hammer time’ in close proximity to the man made famous for standing up to Charles Barkley at the Olympics. The great man is quite amused, and perhaps glad that someone still remembers him. He looked in pretty good knick, so he’s the only not very famous person who’s figure hasn’t changed drastically since being famous. He puts the shame on Robbie Slater who had obviously been grazing in a very lush paddock for far too long.

Now to the bands, WEP were great with their Talking Heads style post-punk, synth mash up style rock n’ roll. The two bands in the middle can best be described as angular indie-pop-rock Killers wannabes. Couldn’t really get me electric boogalooing- although the Buzzcocks cover was appreciated. Children Collide were great again- sort of like Nirvana, with added blood-curdling screaming chaos. There was a funny crowd on the evening, a strange mix between clubber types and indie types. Between the bands upstairs the DJ was playing euro-style electronic music, whilst downstairs there was typical indie stuff- so this may explain the situation. The night ended on a bizarre note with a mysterious miasma infiltrating the club and causing choking. Hmmm, not very cool. But momentary choking aside, a fun night.


Anonymous Rob said...

I love World's end Press!! One of em went to my uni. Ok, keep reviewing the world.

From Cam's brother

3:10 AM  

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