Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tropfest 2006

Firstly, let me just say EAT SHIT SYDNEY!!! Sucks to your pooey wet weather.

Went down to Tropfest at the Myer Music Bowl in BALMY Melbourne on Sunday evening. Great night, great turn out, glorious weahter.

And the right film wun it I tells you. Rob Carlton was fabulous in Carmichael & Shane, a beautifully funny film about 'picking a favorite'. It really made me chuckle about the whole, education is wasted on stupid people rationalist IPA agenda. You stuck it right up them Mr Carlton, with a touch of humour and a touch of heart.

It was disappointing to read yesterday that the Snakepit had already been submitted to another festival about a year ago, because that was a great movie also. Fishy was simply WRONG, whilst the most aesthetically pleasing movie for me was Carnivore Reflux. Wonderful monty-python-esque animation, with little cocks, spewing and vegan vegetable farting. JOY.

The most blatant we love muslims, don't judge a book by it's cover, politics in the age of terrorism award goes to the movie Last Stop. A boring film, with a deserving message. Films like these make the left look like a bunch of whinging fucking sooks. I wholeheartedly agree with the message (in fact it would be difficult to find people who didn't agree), but the film was just insipid and weak.

The Sister was also a great movie, up yours sis. (Although I wouldn't mind it if my sister tried to hook me up with her hot friends). Bubbleboy was equally heartwarming, where a boy's near death experience frees him from fear, and reveals new opportunities for love. DOUBLE JOY.

Some hits, some misses, but altogether a good night out! Would have liked to see the other 600 films.


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