Friday, February 24, 2006

Dana Vale is a Dill

For conclusive evidence see this rambling opinion piece. Has there ever been a more vociferous effort on behalf of a member of parliament to prove themselves incompetant? Er, sorry, I'm not racist, I'm just stupid. Not only has she sought to make personal explanations twice, but now this op ed piece in the Age. And why hasn't Dana's personal crusade to raise public awareness of her own stupidity rung PR alarm bells in Liberal headquarters. The powers that be obviously feel that a little bit of Muslim bashing is good for business.

We all remember the notorious RU486 doorstop where she referred to the comment of Abu Bakir Bashir made in 2002 that Australia would become a Muslim country in 50 years, and against this context that "Australians are almost aborting ourselves out of existence".

Dana your comments were racist and offensive towards Muslim Australians because:

a) You represented Abu Bakir Bashir, an Indonesian and a convicted terrorist sympathiser, as in some way representing the opinions of Australian Muslim clerics and by inference Asutralian Muslims; and
b) your idea of 'Australians' implicitly excluded Muslim Australians.

Get it?

I know that some of your best friends are Lebs, and all those close to you know you aren't a racist, but next time you reach for the dog whistle, try not to choke on it!


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