Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Boot Changes Foot?

Well, it's good to see the boot on the other foot for a change. David Cameron looks like a reverse Steve Bracks, in his move to shift the Tories to the wet middle of politics in the UK! Well selling out party principle, and being a minature John Howard has worked well for Bracksy over the past two state terms. Good luck to him. But the tut tutting elder death beasts of the party are getting restless.

'Lord Tebbit, former party chairman, compared Mr Cameron's "purge" of Thatcherism to the actions of Pol Pot. Then came an uncomfortable meeting with the No Turning Back group of Thatcherite MPs and a warning from Derek Conway, a senior aide to Mr Davis, that Mr Cameron could lose the traditional Tory vote if he moved too far, too fast.'

too far, too fast. We are talking about the tory party here!

Watching David Cameron and the UK Conservatives crawl up to young, progressive voters through an attempted hi-jacking of the third way bandwagon is puke making. Talk about complete inability to create a new policy agenda for themselves. Your about 10/15 years behind the times fellas.

Cameron's attempt to portray himself as a 'compassionate conservative' has a familiar ring to it. I don't think voters in the US, UK or Australia are going to vote for anyone trying to occupy the 'Bush position' any time soon.

Oh well. Good luck to him trying to insert a bit of 'caring, with evident moral values' into a visionless, sterile and morally bankrupt death beast of a party.

Three posts and I haven't defamed anyone grievously yet. Joy


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