Saturday, March 11, 2006

Timboy is acosted by a not very famous person: Pt 2

Ok so last time I was trying to get a toasted ham and cheese sandwich. Fast forward to Thursday night. I'm on the Yarra Boulevard overlooking beautiful Melbourne, waiting for the tour de burbs bunch to come by. I see two figures jogging up the hill towards me, both panting and spluttering, and looking altogether out of shape. As the pair got closer, the short, fat, red headed one yells at me 'hey gimme ya bike, I'm stuffed... laugh, pant... laugh, pant... gargling choking noise, chuckle to silence'. I'm thinking that guy looks familiar- hang on a minute, that was former socceroo captain and star Robbie Slater! I nearly didn't recognise him because he had stacked on the kilos since retiring. He must be in town for the Commonwealth games or something, but it was definitely him.

Hmmm, what is it with me and bumping into not very famous people who have gone through a drastic change in body composition and appearance?


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