Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Come and Get it… with Peter… Russell… Clark!

Had a funny day at work on Monday. I was on my way to get a ham and cheese toasted sandwich in Collins Street, when a diminutive figure sporting a neatly trimmed beard, a stripped shirt and an artsy neck tie came staggering out the door of a bar and almost bowled me over. I was a bit taken aback, until I realised that the bloke who almost sent me flying was none other than celebrity chef and artist Peter Russell Clark. Poor old Pete looked like he’d had a few too many glasses of red with his coon cheese at lunch! He’s lost a few kilos since his television days, and could probably teach that fat cunt Huey a few tricks in the weight loss department. Which brings me to my point: How did Huey get the gig with Jenny Craig over Peter Russell Clark? I guess being typecast as the face of coon cheese wouldn't help things.

'Don't forget the cheese'


Blogger bugman said...

Come and get it, come and get it.
With Peter Russell-Clarke
In the city, or the outback
Hes Australias brightest spark.

Come and get it, come an get it,
Good food youd love to eat,
Come and get, it come and get it,
And theres people you can meet.
Come and get it, come and get it,
With Peter Russell-Clarke,
Hell help your cooking, you can bet it,
If were a tree hed be the bark

Feed your eagle, pack a hamper
Walk you beagle, jump the Tampa,
On a farm or out at sea,
Learn a recipe or three,
Come and get it, come and get it,
With Peter (g'day),
Russell (g'day)

6:15 PM  

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