Thursday, April 19, 2007

My week on wheels

My week on wheels

Saturday: 100kms Mascot ride
Sunday: Glenvale A grade crit. Rode my first A grade crit at Carnegie and raced pretty well only to have to finish the race 10 minutes early due to a flat tyre. 45kms
Monday: Study
Tuesday: Tuesday night ride- man this was fast, the fastest I have been on by a mile! 75 kms
Wednesday: 1 hr tempo + commuting. 65kms
Thursday: track, more fifth place finishes against the gorilla sprinters 20kms
Friday: buggered.


Not bad considering how busy and tired I am at the moment.


Blogger A J said...


I'm wondering if we are alienating politics affectionate with our cycling stuff Tim. I mean the Cycling demographic is huge. And the politics demographic is equally as big... but I don't think they cross over much!! Or maybe thats our niche.

Anyways, good luck if your racing tomorrow.


7:18 AM  

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