Monday, October 23, 2006

Extreme Battleships

Is anybody else concerned that the Royal Australian Navy is trying to boost its recruitment through a video game, presumably aimed at children?

"The new Navy Lifestyle website promises to be as successful as the Extreme Battleships game which virtually doubled the online enquiry rate from prospective recruits for the navy since it was launched a month ago," director of Defence Force Recruiting Captain Cameron McCracken said in a statement.'

Further we slide into the realms of an illiberal, militaristic state.

Good luck to them. We're probably going to witness the greatest naval recruiting boom since these guys were treading the light fantastic back in the day.

Bon voyage sailor!

I won't make any Phil McCracken gags- that would be grossly homophobic and offensive.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heh, I noticed an Army recruitment ad in a tram stop the other day featuring schematics for a tank along with "and your mates think working on V8's is great" or some such petrol head crap, and thought pretty much the same thing. Said crap ad included the mileage per litre. Needless to say they're not going green any time soon.

Just like in the good old US of A, education is becoming more expensive, when it is education and not simply vocational training, so let's combine military recruitment with the creation of a serf class, shall we? Blergh.

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