Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Warwick Capper is writing for the Daily Telegraph!

Wise Words Put to Goodes' Use
By Warwick Capper
September 27, 2006

'I KNOW exactly what Adam Goodes was thinking when he won his second Brownlow medal on Monday night.

His mind would have been cast back to that balmy night on the Riverina that changed his life more than a decade ago. He was just another talented kid at a fundraiser when my blondness strode into Albury Town Hall.

As the most marketable AFL personality in New South Wales, I was asked to tour to convert kids to the game.

They followed me like rats behind the Pied Piper. By the time I arrived on the banks of the Murray, rugby league officials were wondering how they would feed their families the following season.

It was there I felt a tug at my mullet. I looked down to see a young Goodes; his wide, Bambi-like eyes begging for wisdom.

I bent down and told him, "Never, ever hand pass. Hog the ball for yourself. The media will notice you and you will win all the accolades."

It was my own personal credo and one Adam has adopted with gusto throughout his career.

Goodes has now won two Brownlow medals, and considering I was robbed blind in 1986 and 1987, some might say he has stolen my glory.

I might be inclined to agree if I had not kicked on after football. But now that I'm selling time share apartments and stripping, there's no reason to look back in anger.

There was no shortage of pride from my end when his name was read out. Having just completed my speech at the Brisbane Lions awards night, I swan dived into the crowd yelling "Capper - you beauty" as I sailed into the arms of the players' wives.'

And there's another instalment of wisdom here.


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