Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Killers: A Band of Wankers

Brandon Flowers from the Killers was interviewed in Hit last Thursday, and the topic of Morrissey came up:

'Flowers was ignored by Morrissey when he worked as a busboy and waited on his hero. He was ignored by Morrissey when the Killers supported him. He doesn't mind.'

"That's just Morrissey," he says, pointing out he thinks Bones will be "Morrissey's favourite on the album".

Timboy: Here Morrissey yet again demonstrates that his sense of good taste has not left him. And I wouldn't be speaking out of school when I say that Morrissey probably won't have a favorite on your new album punk.

And there's more:

"I still love the mystery of Morrissey. We've already done far more than he would have done. We're somewhere in the middle, which is where I see our band. I understand indie. I understand that mentality, but I can't deny the excitement of being humungous, of bringing tons of people together to celebrate. We walk the line.

We've already done far more than he would have done- OK, this maybe be taken out of context- but OMFG!!! How can you compare what the Killers have done to Morrissey on any level. Moz has released countless records- The Killers two. The Killer's are a bad eighties cover band with an annoying singer, Morrissey is a living God. And I know it isn't right, but that gives you the right to be an arsehole.

Plus, Morrissey has a large head which makes him cool.


Blogger larson_b said...

sorry timbo. you know i just don't get morrissey... for some reason only dark, cutting blips, incoherent moans and violin bows on guitars speak to me on that level...


given that most cyclists only obey society's safety standards when there are cops around, i think this will be easy money...

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