Sunday, October 01, 2006

This doesn't sell newspapers

"So far this year, 11 Victorian cyclists have been killed on Victoria's roads — more than double the toll for the same period last year."

This is an appalling statistic.

I made my return to the Hell ride on Saturday morning. Australia's best rider in the USA, Hilton Clarke Jnr was out which was good. Let's hope the Man doesn't try and confiscate his licence. The ride went off without a hitch as per usual. There were heaps of cops between Mordy and Frankston at the lights. I saw one cyclist being booked for running a red light.

The ride was good on the way down, but the cops were determined to break it up on the way back. lots of light pressing, and trying to entrap people. How pathetic. Interestingly, i didn't see any cops in the Dandenongs on Sunday. I did see one motorcyclist popping a mono at 100km/h going past the basin shops, and another going at a similar speed flying down the 1 and 20 that passed within a metre of me as I descended. Driver behaviour in the Dandenongs at the moment is utterly appalling- It didn't surprise me in the least to hear that a man was knocked down and critically injured up there on Thursday last week. These are public roads- not a rally circuit!! If you are going to take extraordinary risks while driving- have the descency to go to a race track. Don't endanger the lives of others out on PUBLIC roads.

I've put my name down for the Melbourne Warnambool- so that should be an absolute nightmare. Three weeks to go!


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