Monday, October 02, 2006

Mad Dog makes me giggle

Mad Dog Kevin Muscat is by far my favorite football player! The fearless captain of the Melbourne Victory is an absolute mongrel. He kicked two penalties during the Victory's 4-1 defeat of the Queensland Roar the other night. And check this:

'Just before he struck his second, he surprised everyone by wandering into Roar goalkeeper Tommy Willis' goal, picking up one of the custodian's drink bottles and taking a swig before hurling it off the pitch and far away from Willis' reach. Seconds later, he smashed a straight drive past a befuddled Willis and wheeled in his now familiar gesture of triumph to the crowd.'

And his expalanation as to why he did it:

"I was just trying to clear my own head and stay focused, to be honest. If you remember after the penalty was given, there was a big commotion in the area, they were arguing and disputing it with the referee and I wanted to get away and not get sucked in.

"I saw his water bottle — he had one on each side of the goal — and so I just walked in and grabbed it and took a drink. It helped take my mind off what was going on around me, helped me maintain focus — and hydrate a bit I suppose, too."

Very Funny. I am a bit conflicted though- what name do I get imprinted on my Victory shirt. I love mad dog, but the sheer comedy value of having 'Fred' emblazoned across my back is also appealing.

I know I'm a sad bandwagon jumper- but I've got Guus-fever dammit.

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