Sunday, October 08, 2006

Reveiw: Have Heart 'The Things We Carry' LP

Wow, there are so many great hardcore albums out there at the moment. Whereas the Ambitions EP 'Question' is all about flying melodies and plenty of hooks- this album has more crunch than a bowl of cornflakes. Defiant, pissed off hardcore in the vain of Strife, Inside Out, Undertow and Judge. Even although I'm not usually a fan of the more metallic side of hardcore- 'The Things We Carry' has plenty of melodic bits and sing alongs to keep me chugging along. It even has a bit of spoken word thrown in as well. I'm not a huge fan of the mosh, but 'The Things We Carry' will get your feet moving. This CD is defiance in a can- great for cultivating the 'fuck you' attitude necessary for negotiating peak hour traffic every morning. Highlights track 5 "The Unbreakable' and the final track 'Watch Me Rise'. Have Heart match heavy music with heavy themes and will make you want to turn everything upside down. Essential fuel for your Straight Edge pride. X up, you know you want too!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hardcore is over timboy. Get on the 'new rave' bandwagon already...

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