Monday, August 14, 2006

How I Spent my Sunday Night

On Sunday I went to see some band, Jed Whitey, Mindsnare and Municipal Waste play at the Arty.

It was awesome- although a pretty big night for a Sunday.

Jed Whitey were like a Motorhead ripoff band which wasn't particularly novel, albeit a little entertaining.

Mindsnare were pretty awesome, although they only played a short set. That seems to be the trend these days- the guys are looking pretty old and fat. Too many cheesies, not enough energy methinks.

Municipal waste were incredible. Full of energy, even on a Sunday night after being on tour for three weeks. The fastest, tightest band I have ever seen play loud. I don;t know how they play so tight because they sure as hell drank a lot. The only band I have seen that is more drunk than them on stage is the Twits, and I don't think the words tight and the Twits have ever been seen in the same sentence together.

Anyways, Municipal Waste started their set by giving people beer bongs in the front row. Then when the music started there was stage diving left right and centre. They had two boogey boards that people were using to crowd surf it was awesome.

There was a smelly guy with dreadlocks crowd surfing- not so awesome.

I think they brought out an amateur wrestler to tour with them. He wore a Mexican wrestling mask, and half way through the set he began crushing full cans of VB on his head. There was another huge guy who looked like a wrestler, who had long hear and was wearing a leather jacket over a singlet, tight black jeans and white sneakers. He got up on stage and started playing air guitar and headbanging with the band for about 3 songs. Such a joke, but he thought he was the shit. in hindsight, he was the shit.

A good crossover metal/ hardcore crowd for the best crossover harcore/ metal band going around.

I wish I went on saturday night because that show would have been huge.

Come bakc soon please!


Blogger larson_b said...

good review. sorry i couldn't make it, bills are making this welfare recipient's life rather tight.

i thouroughly enjoyed my night in with a class reader systematically criticising social capital for all its meaninglessness.

i'll photocopy it for you.


1:42 AM  
Blogger timboy said...

All economic theory is value laden, so I won't buy into any suggestion that social capital isn't 'real' or 'meaningful' anymore than any other facets of economic theory.

6:12 AM  
Blogger larson_b said...

i don't doubt that timboy, most economic ideas are concepts that prevent one analysing what is exactly going on.

however, the author argues that social capital is more ambiguous that most, not only is it aggregate (like most production function inputs), it was created out of the residual, unaccounted growth in macro growth theory. remember income = f(physical capital and labour)? well that didn't predict much, so they tacked on human capital and when this did not predict an awful lot they have moved to social capital. therefore the concept means different things for different environments and for different people. it is whatever you want it to mean. (social capital in indigenous guatamala is good, whereas social capital in the congo is bad). it just doesn't stand for anything.

that the vague notion of social capital is now becoming the developmental paradigm in washington, just as state=bad, mkt=good was ten years ago and big push infrastructure was thirty years ago is cause for concern. it is a vague notion that prevents thinking about the particular context at hand.

in short. it is a subjective, value laden concept that is effectively treated by economists as objective.

4:23 PM  
Blogger timboy said...

Did you just agree with me dude

I think you did

6:43 PM  
Blogger larson_b said...

it wasn't intentional.

5:36 PM  

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