Thursday, June 22, 2006

Friday Timboy

This is my firsts post from work- so I’ll probably be sacked soon.

I can’t honestly say that I’ve enjoyed watching the Socceroos play in the last ten years. I love them, but each match feels like some form of drawn out anxiety attack! Qualifying, penalty shoot outs, come from behind draws. The Socceroos are a national ordeal, a burden shouldered by all.

Seeing as people are so offended by the word ‘soccer’ at the moment I think the Socceroos should be renamed the Skippyroos. This is mainly because somebody calling themselves ‘Lebanese Legend’ posted that Zeljko Kalac is a ‘Skippy Poof’ this morning on the SMH blog. Having a bunch of Wogs, Poofs and Sheilas as Johnny Warren would say running around as the Skippyroos would be funny.

Finally, can somebody tell me what a cutting edge conformist is? Listing examples, less than 500 words preferably. Whoever posted that is a dropkick.

My tribute to the Socceroos in haiku

At a crucial time
There came a great and wise man
Super Guus Hiddink


Anonymous Anonymous said...

timboy equals lame
wow, what a lamewad he is
just like this haiku

10:30 PM  
Blogger larson_b said...



blog more you lazy layabout. it's the best tour in years and you've nothing to say? costello's all over the shop and silence? israel turns lebanon into an island and vacant bandwidth.


12:01 AM  
Anonymous Cam said...

Post you silly boy. I get bored waiting for my programs to run... please lighten up my computer lab experiences!!

8:22 PM  

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