Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Could This Be The End?

Cyclingnews Reports:

'Latest deadline for VDB on June 21

The team management of Unibet.com have been more than patient with their "leader" Franck Vandenbroucke, who has barely raced for the outfit this season. Hilaire Van der Schueren has now set up one last deadline for the 'enfant terrible' of Belgian cycling: June 21. If the rider hasn't raced until then, "it can't go on," according to the team manager.

VDB is thus scheduled to take part in a kermesse in Ruddevoorde on June 20, followed by Halle-Ingooigem on the next day and the Belgian Championships on Sunday, June 25 in Antwerpen.'

It's good to see that he's being paid a fortune by yet another team, and generally not bothering to turn up to races.



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