Friday, August 04, 2006

Womens Cycling

Two interesting reports from the world of women's cycling during the week. One local, and one global- both distrubing.


Cyclingnews reports:

'The Canadian Cycling Association (CCA) has suspended downhill mountain bike racer Danika Schroeter for three months after an incident at the podium presentation of the Canadian downhill national championships on July 23.
The women's championship was won for the third time by Michelle Dumaresq. Because Dumaresq is a transsexual, Schroeter and some other Candian female downhillers have been vocal in their opposition to Dumaresq competing in the women's category, according to
At the podium ceremony, Schroeter wore a t-shirt with the slogan "100% Pure Woman CHAMP 2006" while her supporters shouted insults and obscenities at Dumaresq.
The CCA found that Schroeter's conduct was in breach of its rules governing the conduct of racers, which read, in part, "All license holders shall at all times be properly dressed and behave correctly in all circumstances... They shall refrain from any ... insults or any other improper behavior... They may not in word, gesture, writing or otherwise harm the reputation or question the honour of other license holders... The right of criticism shall be exercised in a motivated and reasonable manner and with moderation."
In its statement announcing the suspension, the CCA said, "The Canadian Cycling Association takes offences of this nature committed by its members very seriously. While athletes have the right to hold and express their opinions, they also have a duty to express them in a manner appropriate to sport and to Canadian society."
Danika Schroeter has until August 11 to appeal.'


Check out this race report provided by John McDonald!

Distance = 147km
Climbs = 2 (Short / Sharp)
Grades A / B / C

The Shepparton Road Classic was a tough ride and my first experience of a "Golden Shower". I rode C Grade (the bottom grade) and felt I had a real chance offinishing with the bunch. Unfortunately before the first climb (Tammanick Gap) I was having gear problems. It was a real pity as the bike had been serviced and I'd been fourth or fifth wheel the whole way to the climb and survived all of the attacks (even havinga five minute break away). So I rolled off, adjusted the gears (to apoint they worked) and took off after the bunch. Unfortunately I never caught them and all of the riders dropped on the climb werenot capable of chasing. So another bloke and I settled into acomfortable rhythm and finished the race together. Only problem waswe had our race numbers taken from us about 40km from the finish aswe were just over 20 minutes behind the bunch. Hence we were nolonger in the race and both recorded DNF. The CSV bloke was keen to get us into the van but we'd come this far and were not giving up. Anyway a great ride with two good climbs. Turned out to be a good E1 / E2 training ride and we finished the 147km in 4 hours 51minutes and 25 seconds. Not sure how far this was behind the winners.

Onto the "Golden Shower". This is something I've never seen beforeand don't wish to see again. One of the female riders (they were all in C Grade) who was riding second wheel decided to have a leak on the bike and sprayed all who followed. Myself and another bloke rodeup beside her and suggested her behaviour was a little antisocialand may be she should go to the back of the peleton. I must say I was struggling to hold back laughter as the scene was so comical. This was met with no acknowledgement what soever and she just went right on pissing. What an experience! What a volume of piss from such a small girl. In the ladies defence (more a defence of the indefensable) it was quite evdent that our bunch was not going to wait for anybody and I believe a bloke who stopped for a leak before the above mentioned incident was dropped. Bad form really. Well that's all.

John Mc

PS: This Golden Shower was made even more comical when considering the pre race diatribe where all male riders were told in no uncertain terms that urinating in public was offensive. Especially considering there were female riders in our bunch and female stewards on the course.
Further proof that women's cycling isn't for the faint hearted!


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