Sunday, July 08, 2007

Drinking and Racing

Well I´ve had two rqces now in Belgium- my form is shit due to illness, and too much work before I came, but I´m improving greatly with each race

In the first race at Assenede my seatpost slipped by an inch after the first cobbled section which made getting the power down difficult. I only managed 20kms before I had to retire. Not so good. But it was kind of a blessing in disguise because of the gale forced winds there were heps of crashes- two Kingsnorth guys had to bin there bikes due to crashing.

Earlier today I raced in Wacterbeke. 120km Kermise- again there was a 1.5km cobbled section on each lap. It was a bit slower from the gun today so I started attacking myself. Pretty funny in the condition that I´m in at the moment. I managed to hang in with the best of them for 80kms today which I was pretty happy with. Up to that point I was riding with the eventual winner which was good. But I rode a realy stupid race chasing down each break away and doing a lot of work. Next race I will take it a bit more easy- I´m starting to learn the guys to watch. One of the guys we race against is called Mario- he´s 47 and wins about 40 races a season. today he was a DNF due to a broken derailleur- but when he made an attack on the first lap 100 riders jumped on his wheel. Very funny.

So basically I´m improving a lot each race and am aiming to finish the next race riding a bit smarter. My form is really bad so I´m riding on shear balls and stupidity basically. Which brings me to my next topic- racing on the cobbles. The cobblestones are romanticised so much in cycling I couldn´t wait to ride them. Now after two races I´ve had a gut full. My balls have copped an absolute hiding over the last week- both in races and in training. I´m going to try and have a wank tonight with the aim of reducing the target size so to speak. I would reccommend anyone riding over the cobbles to wank regularly to make sure yr balls are as small as possible.

Ah well, the tour comes tomorrow, so my balls will get a rest for one day.

Beers I´ve tried so far (no joke)

Mannekin Piss Weatbeer- Hoegarden style witbier- not bad, just no different to hoegarden really.

Chimay- All, the blue grand reserve is still my favourite by a long shot

Achel Trippel- the best blond tripel I have had so far in Belgium

Moeder Overste- Or mother superior in Flemish. Probably my second favorite trippel. as with the Achtel- you wouldn´t believe that its 9%

Delirum Tremens- another blond trippel. Not as good as the last 2 abey trippels, but you can get it nearly everywhere which is a huge plus. I love driving past all the cafes with the delirium elephant painted on the side.

Hoegarden Grand Cru- Not great.

La Trappe Trippel- Good, but a little bit of a bitter aftertaste. Another blonde trippel. third best trippel so far, not far off the pace.

St Feullion- A brown trippel that is quite sweat. I had this one last time I was in Belgium and its really good.

So cleraly I have to branch out a bit into the brown beers, frambooisen etc.

Troll- another blond trippel. Good, no problems really.

No real stinkers so far- I´ve had a few others but my Flemish is not so good so I won´t bother trying to spell them.

Looking forward to seeing Roobie at the tour tomorrow- internet shop is closing got to run ciao


Blogger larson_b said...

was that you riding along the left of the canal in last night's stage?

11:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like he wouldn't have been riding after trying all those beers... Interesting how the speeling deteriorated.

Sounds like ur having lots of fun Timboy. How bout some pics?

10:54 PM  
Blogger timboy said...

Pics will be forthcoming on my return

3:19 AM  

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