Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Belgium Uno

The keyboard is french, the blogger interface is in Dutch- Prepare for editorial standards to plumet.

The flight went reasonably well- I managed six to eight hours sleep and got of the plane feeling reasonably good. We had delays at Heathrow due to the closure of Glasgow airport, terrorist cvnts etc. The small seats did bruise ,y hamstrings a little however, but after a few days they seem to be allright. All in all the trip took about thirty hours non stop from Melbourne to Ghent. The bike took a few knocks on the trip over but seems to be OK. Judging by the hundreds of unattended bags at Brussels airport they seem to have a few baggage handling issues! Brussels airport is pretty funny- Its massive- almost as big as Hong Kong airport- but only hqs about ten planes parked there at any one time. All the public trqnsport in Belgium is the same- massive amounts of infrastructure with little apparent patronage.

I have only ridden 200kms in the past three days because all the blokes at the farm are telling me to save myself for the races. I went for a 70km spin this morning, and will try and go out after dinner as well to do some short intervals and get the heart rate up. It stays light here until 11 at the moment so there is plenty of time to train. Its been raining quite a bit at the moment so eqµach ride I have come home covered in mud. So far I have ridden out tozards Brugge, Aaslt qnd into Zeeland in Holland. Holland was the most beatiful so far with the fields full of summer crops.

At the moment the farm has six Aussies qnd one American with a few whingeing poms hanging around the joint as well, but not staying. The place is a bit of a dump, but has everything you need and the company is first rate. There are some great personalities, and Im laughing half the time.

The riding over here is great, there are so many small farm roads and bikepaths you can ride for hours. The weather has been a problem as it has been shithouse all week with no let up expected until qfter this weekend.

My first race is tomorrow- Im looking forward to it, but not expecting much because I still feel a bit ordinary, and I hear the standard is very high.

Looking forward to the weather improving shortly



Blogger Rhys Smith said...

Hey man hope u r having a ball! WTF are you doing at the farm though! Stay away from that dude!

9:02 PM  
Blogger larson_b said...

nice work mate-o.

some beer reviews wouldn't go astray

9:04 PM  
Anonymous cam streistermanis said...

yeah how shit is the weather..but atleast its not cold.....

2:39 AM  
Blogger timboy said...

Yeah, glad its not cold.

And have had a lot of beers- so Ill have to find the time to review all of them!

Just had my first race- it was over cobbles in the wet, as well as two gale force cross wind sections- insane.

I only lasted 20kms due to a mehanical on the cobbles- my seat post slipped an inch going over the things. I had it pretty lose because I broke my last one.

Good fun thoug- while it lasted

11:10 AM  

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