Sunday, June 17, 2007

Here we go again

I read with interest this article today in the Guardian concerning Republican plans to produce a film digging dirt on Hillary Clinton.

'Citizens United and other Republican groups are set to model their anti-Clinton operation on the notorious Swift Boat campaign that derailed John Kerry's 2004 bid for the White House. That aggressive smear campaign focused on Kerry's Vietnam war record and was seen as critical in President George W Bush's election victory. 'The Swift Boat campaign is going to be a direct model. They have openly come out and said that,' said Terry Krepel, editor of Conwebwatch, a website that monitors the output of conservative news media.'

I say with interest, because I just watch the pro-Kerry documentary 'Going up river with John Kerry' last night.

It's simply amazing that the press allowed the Swift Boat Veterans' For Truth to run such an outrageously deceitful campaign against Kerry.

I had no idea about the actual details of his service, and despite the obvious rose tinting of the movie, what really came through was how much the men that served under him admired his bravery, and skilled leadership.

If Republican stooges could make a decorated war hero like Kerry look like someone who lied about his service record, and lied in order to receive the Purple Heart imagine what dirt they can dig up on a career politician.

I'm almost feeling sorry for Hillary at the moment, Iraq aside.


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