Thursday, June 07, 2007

My Week on Wheels

Saturday: Preston Mountain Classic 130kms. Rode well for 110kms, then completely blew up with cramp, had to get off the bike for five minutes which completely sucked. A bit too far for me at the moment. Came down with a cold after the race which meant I didn't ride for the rest of the week.
Sunday: cough
Monday: sneeze
Tuesday: splutter
Wednesday: getting there
Thursday: Thursday night at Disc. In the scartch race I rolled up the bank at five laps to go, and noticed that Jobe Dajka was on his hoods taking it easy on the front- I just attacked immediately. It was way too far out, but still fun to set the cat amongst the pidgeons.

I missed out on my first A grade podium in the points race by one place. Russel Collins pipped me in the sprint for second behind Dajka in the second sprint- so he had a 2nd and a 3rd, and me two 3rds. In that sprint dajka was on his hoods the whole time barely stressed at all whilst I was all over my bike, and couldn't get past his shoulder. I thought I had second rapt up, then got pipped.

Sat out the Motor pace due to feeling a bit poorly.
Friday: rest

Coming up Diredaagse van Northern Combine, sick, underdone.

All things going well



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