Thursday, May 31, 2007

My week on wheels

Saturday: De Bortoli Tour: 110kms- 3:30 off the pace in the time trial, and 27mins down in Stage 1. That wasn't too bad considering there were 50 DNFs!
Sunday: De Bortoli Tour: 120kms, Went down to C grade and still got smashed. There are plenty of good riders going around at the moment. Just glad to finish in front of the girls :D
Monday: leg hurties
Tuesday: see Monday
Wednesday: Pursuit intervals (5*5 min intervals, 1:1 rest/ recovery ratio) 30kms
Thursday: Track- Road strongly, just lacking kick after the De Bortoli tour. (20kms)
Friday: 1 hr light wind trainf (25kms)

About 305kms.

I'm stuggling to find the time and energy to do more at the moment!

Preston Mountain Classic tomorrow- should be an absolute stink bomb, 130kms swapping turns. shithouse.


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