Tuesday, May 15, 2007


The Australian is getting more and more creative in their attempts to stop Rudd from looking like the next prime minister. Now that the building industry are allegedly inserting 'Risk of Rudd' clauses in their contracts, is it time Howard negotiated one too?

Meanwhile, Dennis Shanahan is looking very silly, asserting today that noone expected an immediate boost in the polls following the budget. Last week he predicted just that. Yes Dennis, our memories are short - but not that short.

And finally, at least two of today's articles contain an unattributed quote referring to Costello's "Masterclass" budget as if it was universally lauded as such. The only source for that quote was the Oz's own post-budget headline.

Should Rudd now put in a call to Murdoch: call off the dogs or it will be ugly for News when I'm PM?


Blogger A J said...

'The costs of building skyscrapers and apartment blocks are set to rise because of fears that Labor's workplace relations policies would trigger a new wave of industrial unrest.'

-Steve Lewis and Samantha Maiden

OK, so Liberals are a better guarantee for cheaper skyscrapers. However... Labor is a better guarantee of having educated people to put in those offices, of having a public transport system to take these workers from their homes to these offices and is the ONLY guarentee for a good High Speed Internet connections for these offices.

2:27 AM  
Blogger timboy said...

Good grief is that socialism I can hear coming from them there hills.


4:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A very basic definition:

Socialism = Public Ownership
Capitalism = Private Ownership

Each makes sense for certain things! A Private Police Force wouldn't be right... But either would Public owned Hotels or Restaurants or Supermarkets!

So I would never define myself as a Socialist or a Capitalist.

People defining themselves always annoys me, like when you here "I'm left of centre"... what the f*** does that mean!?!? Does it mean whenever theres an issue you just take the left of centre stance?

You know sometimes left is best, sometimes right is right!


6:12 AM  
Blogger timboy said...

I have been laughing all day about the mining industry crying poor over AWAs!

It's like Macquarie Bank executives crying about their executive remuneration!

4:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah the mining industry is obviously doing well. But Tim, shouldn't laws be written for the future not just today? I'm just getting sick of this talk of IR laws in relation to our economy going well... they should be designed for all possible futures.

P.S. I have no opinion on IR laws :)

2:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so sick of bad jurnos writing about there childrens mobile phone acronyms, the story has become soo old and tiring...

4:43 AM  

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