Monday, April 23, 2007

Invade Rage Update

I've had an initial stab at boiling the choices down to 20. There's 19 songs here with little blurbs about why I chose them, still a long away from a final twenty however.

Bronski Beat- Small Town Boy

Without doubt my favourite video ever, and not a bad track either.
I’m inspired by Jimmy Somerville for being a gay rights activist at a time when it wasn’t OK to be gay, and for his involvement in Red Wedge and numerous other political campaigns.
The song highlights the feelings of isolation and rejection felt by a gay youth forced into leaving his home town- but I think the meaning carries over to other common situations people find themselves in where they just want to get out- high school springs to mind!

Oasis- Live Forever

I didn’t really follow music all that much until the ‘Britpop’ boom of the mid nineties. Bands like Oasis, Pulp, Elastic and Supergrass really got me into music as a pimply teenager. This track sort of sums up the optimism of that period in British history, I remember being attracted to feelings of a new beginning, and a better future. Plus I love Noel Gallagher because he is a cranky old cvnt!

(either this or Pulp disco 2000)

Billy Bragg- Between the Wars

Billy Bragg is just about my favourite person on the face of the planet. Seeing a live set of him performing at Glastonbury made me fall in love with music again after I had grown tired of cool Britannia and Britbop. I can recall being utterly amazed that this one geezer from Barking with a crappy guitar and practice amp could hold the attentions of a massive festival crowd.
What I love most about Billy Bragg is how he mixes pop and politics, songs about big ideas and the human condition.
I chose this song because Billy no longer performs it live because he thinks it is outdated, but I feel it still has an important message.
Whilst the lyrics are somewhat old fashioned referring as they do to an era of industrialism seemingly long past in western economies, the war in Iraq has shown us that we are still very much living between the wars.
He asks which path are we going to chose, that of the iron fist or the helping hand.

(could do Levi stubbs tears)

Icehouse- Electric Blue

The first cassette I was ever given was Icehouse ‘Man of Colours’, and I was six at the time. I must have driven the family crazy by insisting on Icehouse for all long haul car journeys for about three years. Coincidently I still enjoy driving cover bands mad to this day by requesting Icehouse whenever I get the chance.

Boys Next Door- Shivers

Melbourne old school. Another song that is no longer performed live, in this case by Rowland S Howard. So I just want to see this film clip because Rowland refuses to play it live basically, and I’ve never seen it performed. If there are any ‘emos’ watching, please switch your televisions off at this point.

Morrissey- Suedehead

In terms of the hero worshipping status I place these Billy Bragg and Morrissey are on the top rung for me. I could probably chose 20 Smiths/ Morrissey songs for my top twenty, but that would alienate many people who can’t stand the Smiths and Morrissey. This is the first solo Morrissey film clip, and one of my favourite Smiths/ Morrissey songs. Unfortunately there aren’t more film clips for some of Morrissey and the Smith’s early Songs. ‘I know it’s over’ is probably my favourite song ever, but no such luck.

New Order- Temptation

This is a song that can make me dance like a circus bear- so it must be very special because just about no other song can make me dance, no matter how drunk I am.

(Could do Regret)

Ride- Vapour Trail

I love Manchester and especially the shoe gaze/ dream pop sound. One of my favourite songs.

The Early Years- Say What I want to

I’ve always been a big Joy Division/ post punk fan. These guys are carrying on the post punk sound at the moment.

Idlewild- American English

I love Roddy Woomble’s poetic vocals, and can really relate to feeling ‘young without youth’ and ‘old without knowing anything’s true’.

David Bowie- Heroes

Because I still believe we can all make a difference in our own way and time. There, I’ve said it, call me naïve etc.

The Replacements- Answering Machine

I love the minimalist styling of this film clip. A great song from one of my favourite albums.

The Sundays- Can’t be Sure

Another song that I just adore the lyrics too: ‘Though I can’t be sure what I want anymore, it will come to me someday.’

PIL- Rise

Because I love John Lydon’s fierce intelligence, energy and independent spirit and I think this song really sums up those features of his career.

Interpol- Evil

Basically, I wanted to include one film clip that featured puppets, and I just love the evil looking puppet in Evil by Interpol. Creepy good. Sadly the Muppets rainbow connection couldn’t make the cut.

Public Enemy- Fight the Power

Music with passion, purpose, large clocks and gold teeth. I love Chuck D and Flav, and Fear of a Black Planet is my favourite hip hop album by a mile. I still remember being jealous of one of the older kids at primary school who wore a public enemy shirt almost every day. I used to think he was the coolest guy going around.

(could do 911)

The Jam- That’s Entertainment

The punk era threw up a lot of posers and novelty acts, but these guys were the real deal and this remains one of my favourite tunes and film clips. Also some of the finest haircuts and sharpest threads ever captured on film from memory.

Editors- Bullets

These guys were really big when I was in London in 2005. It reminds me of a happy time, and cruising around on the tube and seeing their flyers posted up literally everywhere. Good times.

Bruce Springsteen- Born to Run

I remember the avalanches DJs ending their set with this at Meredith two years ago- it was massive. A great night. I also used to have this accounting lecturer who would play his favourite Springsteen songs at the start of each lecture to liven up proceedings. The Boss is so kick ass it almost worked (for the first ten minutes anyway, then it was a snoozefest).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahhh you're just a big sook timboy!! hehehe...

What's the 'answering machine' clip like? I've not seen it...

And seriously, put back rainbow connection!!

12:28 AM  
Blogger timboy said...

I think it's more or less just a picture of an answering machine- Like Bastards of Young which is someones radio isn't it?

I maybe getting the two mixed up

12:30 AM  
Blogger timboy said...

I should maybe put rainbow connection and small town boy together at the Gay Pride end of proceedings.

What the whole thing lacks at the moment is the ladies.

That's where Sugar Cubes, The Organ and Life Without Buildings will hopefully represent.

12:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The gingers? hehehhe

1:06 AM  
Blogger Factor-c said...

All good choices but why not add a bike related songs?
I'd have to vote for Rip Slyme's Blow.

5:24 PM  

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