Sunday, April 09, 2006

Kent Kingsley Kicks Eight

This may seem like an obscure topic to blog on, so let me explain.

I recently posted on my mate Bobby Pittman's flickr site that if Kingsley ever kicked more than nine goals again in the history of the universe, I would vote Liberal.

Well he's getting bloody close! The good news- even in the unlikely event that he does bag more than nine goals again in his career- Robert Doyle's Victorian Liberals are so hopeless that I could very easily direct a vote to them in sympathy at the upcoming Victorian State Election.

But a point I hate about Doyle is his rampant pandering to anti-social motorists in the lead up to the election. The Victorian Liberals always want to portray themselves as tough on crime- except when it comes to speeding on our roads. Arguments can be made that speeding fines are revenue raising- but they are undoubtedly important in shaping driver attitudes towards responsible road use, and the saftey of others. Increasing discretionary limits on speeding sends the wrong message to motorists about respecting the safety of other road users.

Apart from that point, Steve Bracks isn't a social democrat's arsehole- so I would have very little difficulty in shifting my vote from one reactionary rabble to another PERIOD. That's a big call considering I hate just about everything the Liberal party has come to stand for.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Timboy - nice rant! funny how two wrongs, Kingsley kicking nine goals and you consequently betraying your communist principles, would in this instance make a Right!

6:34 PM  

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