Saturday, April 01, 2006

Neither Hither Nor Tither

Well it’s been an interesting week.

Naomi Robson’s taste for slippery spivs was outed in the Mokbel trial, and subsequently ‘reported’ in the Herald Sun. Good to see Seven’s PR hacks were all over this one to get this embarrassing disclosure framed in the most favourable terms possible. ‘I was duped’ laments the headline. You’d think she would know a thing or two about conmen considering Today Tonight allocates about 80% of each show to uncovering conmen and liars. The story was nothing if not revealing about the sort of company Naomi keeps when she’s not persecuting lowlifes, giving noddy’s and preaching downward envy to Caroline Springs.

In other news I sold a C-grade road race to a mate for $20. So what if I’m cheap. As my mate Cam says, once you’ve sold a race, you can never buy a race. It was fun, rien, je regret rien. Back up to B-grade!

Tour of Flanders is on tonight. My hot tip- Juan Anotonio Flecha at 35-1 for the win. Get on it! An interesting aside is that Baden Cooke had no odds as recently as yesterday, and now he’s at 40-1- look to him for a strong ride also. I hope Peter Van Petegem does well, because he’s a tough guy, and he’s been coping a lot of flack from the Belgian media in recent weeks concerning his lack of results for Davitamon-Lotto. Vandenbrouke will be riding again for unibet which should be interesting. David McPartland is getting a ride for Tenax which will probably go down as the race of his career. I’m also looking for a good performance from Henk Vogels- my cycling God!

Racial profiling is alive and well in Richmond. Two whitefellas walk into a Richmond noodle shop, the owners ascertain their whiteness, and arrive at a prejudiced view as to the men’s cutlery requirements. One impetuous whitey yells out, ‘hey where's my chopsticks?’ White people can eat with sticks too you know. Just because we’re white doesn’t immediately mean we can’t pinch a pile of noodles, and audibly slurp at them with a culturally sensitive tick of approval. It's not like we're all clumsy, round-eyed, fat fingered culinary epicurean terrorists. We have feelings too, you shouldn't go around racing to conclusions just becasue we're different. (Enough tongue in cheek pettiness please).

On this point I'll finish with a great quote from John Hirst's book 'Sense and Nonsense in Australian History' regarding multiculturalism:

'Assimilation is of course no longer official polciy, but we should not be surprised to find that governments do not determine the dynamics of cultural interaction. We can now begin to see that government policy did not so much control developments as provide reassurance to those who feared them. The Assimilation policy reassured the old Australian population that the new migrants would change nothing, when plainly they would; multiculturalism reassures migrants that their culture will not die, when plainly it does.'

It's a challenging read that really sticks it to stock standard left-liberal thinking on Australian history, and the human experience in general.


Blogger larson_b said...

timboy. you've lost me.

of course the culture will die if the former culture is institutionalised racism and the latter is based on inclusion and acceptance. that's a GOOD thing.

i hope the book's better than that quote.

and cutlural profiling is a problem when it involves misbalances of power. i.e. from authorities.
otherwise it's only racism, the type that the shopkeepers have probably been dealing with for the last thirty years. and i'd dare say it's a lot more than misjudgements regarding cutlery.

larson b.

ps. they were doing your mate a favour. forks are better than chopsticks. it's a fact. people only use chopsticks to appear wordly.

5:24 PM  
Blogger C-mac said...

People use chopsticks because they are a better implement for eating noodles quickly than forks (when used correctly). After a bike race this is important. Are you trying to tell me westerners dreamed up the perfect utensil while the far east was caught napping despite the deep and culturally ingrained importance of food in much of the east? Imperialist!

As far as profiling, for mine it involves reaching a conclusion about a persons proclivity to behave in a certain way or have a certain non-visible characteristic because of observable markers of group membership (race, sex, etc). Sometimes this is wrongheaded, ignorant and embarassing, but other times it makes sense. Racism is different - racism is believing in the superiority of ones own race over that of others. Racism is always morally repugnant. A waiter giving me chopsticks is profiling but it's not racist. In fact, I didn't mind at all.

'Only racism', ha!

3:06 PM  
Blogger larson_b said...

it was toungue in cheek.

nice distinction, though. so, why are you feeling aggrieved about it?

8:11 PM  

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