Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Stolenwealth Fish Free to Good Homes

As I looked out my office window today I noticed that the Stolenwealth Games fish were being removed from the Yarra. I have to admit to feeling a bit sad, they were just another bizarre element of the whole games experience.

I’m also a bit bemused about what’s to be done with them. Bracksy reckons he can flog them off to local councils, provided they agree to look after the things carefully. Yet another weird games related cash grab by the state government.

But what on earth was Bracksy thinking when he said this: "The fish have had a great life over and above what we ever expected as something that represented the liveability of Melbourne."
Liveability? He obviously has a very short memory when it comes to short finned eels? There is so much shit (literally) in the Yarra the poor things can’t survive. And to add to the irony, the sculpture of the short finned eel will be presented to the City of Melbourne. But what is it exactly about fish that suggest liveability? Has he gone completely fucking mad?

We live in a strange world: Bracksy wants to make sure that the papier mache fish are well looked after by local governments, but he does bugger all to make sure the real things can swim freely in the Yarra.



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Good blog :)
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