Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I luv Competitions

Larson emailed me this today from Crikey:

'Email us ( with "My top 5" in the subject line) with your Top 5 albums, detailing what you'd pay for them today and why. We'll pick the Top 5 responses and dole out cash based on what we think they're each worth (either that or $25 iTunes vouchers).'

So it would be rude for me to not enter, my list:

1. The Smiths, The Smiths: $5000, $1 for every time I've listened to it.
2. Billy Bragg, Brewing Up with Billy Bragg- $200 not that I'm a thatcherite yuppy scumbag that would pay $200 for an LP or anything.
3. The Cure, Disintegration- $150. Which is how much it costs to see them perform live in Australia- what a DISGRACE!
4. Ride, Nowhere- $50, Shoegaze 4eva! Just enough to cover the ecstasy and maracas that should accompany listening to the album.
5. Boys Next Door, Door Door: Nothing- Because I never give money to junkies begging in the street, they'll just use it to buy drugs.

If anyone else entered the competition don't hesitate to drop it in the comments.


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Blogger larson_b said...

1. the bends
$10. would be more but crappy cafe del mar remixes of 'street spirit' have left a bitter taste over the years.

2. ok computer
$180. because i wanted to listen to this, i took my cd walkman to cricket. both were stolen, it's compensation.

3. kid a
$181. i'd put down a hundred, but it's better than ok.

4. amnesiac
$20. a token amount for the genius' half brother

5. hail to the thief
$0. cos it's freaking awful

and i'll put down a twenty for the new one.

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