Friday, July 27, 2007

Bracks Resigns

Wow, this news hit me a bit out of the blue as I sit here in an internet cafe on the outskirts of Ghent.

I had heard about the drinking driving incident involving his son, and could imagine the personal toll that such events could take; but it is still a surprise.

Other than an expression of shock, i have to say that I am really pleased that Brumby will be the new treasurer because he has stuck around in politics after the disappointment of electoral defeat in 1996 and then losing the Labor leadership in 1999.

I am also really pleased because he strikes me as a Gordon Brown type figure who mixes technical substance with adherence to traditional Labor values. He is a progressive who is not afraid of market based solutions.

I think the poor old state liberals will have more trouble trying to discredit Brumby than the overly image conscious, conservative Bracks.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love(d) Bracks, and the whole Victorian Labor team.

...I'm back in AUS as of this morning!


7:51 PM  

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