Sunday, September 17, 2006

The weekend

This weekend just gone started with a great shit celebrity sighting.

None other than former Australian Cricketer of the year Collin 'Funky' Miller.

Gold! I witnessed Funky down ten scotch and cokes in an hour before I went home. It was nice to see that he could still pull a crowd too. There was some stunning brownlow medal style blondes accompanying the man. After downing a few quick beers I went and got a new track bike. Awesome. Can't wait for Thursday night at Disc, I'll post a few pictures and results.

Saturday morning I went to the Nongs with Jono Lovelock for a hills hammerfest. This guy is seriously one of the best climbers floating around at the moment. He did SE efforts in the big ring and still flogged me up every climb! By the end of the day I had 5 climbs under my belt, and he had 6.5- he's that much quicker. On the way home there was another shit celebrity sighting in the form of former Australian Champion Road Cylist Matt Wilson. He looked a bit lonely pedalling along by himself, presumably on his way down to Beach Rd. He had his unibet clothes on with the FDJ Selev helmet. You'd think the uniet people would have at least given him a helmet. Oh well, no such luxuries in the continental ranks. Or maybe it was just that he didn't want to be seen dead in the emabarassing 'A bugs life' style helmet from LAS that Stefano Garzelli likes to wear.

Saturday night went over to a mates place to watch the Bulldogs get done by West Coast. Sigh. The poor old Doggies had a shocker- it was like there were four or five extra Eagles players on the ground for the entire match. And when the Dogs had the ball in hand they made some shocking skill errors. I was really hoping the Doggies could go all the way. As for Melbourne losing- good.

Sunday did absolutely jack. Monday, still tired

And my ode to Abe Saffron (I have to be careful, apparently he, and his estate, are a bit litigous)!

The Alleged king
of sin, drugs and gambling.
Allegedly died.


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