Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dickhead Watch

Possibly the most daft opinion article written this year.

GWB 'a great president'. Greg Sheridan steadfastly tows the company line where no other self respecting journalist is prepared to tow it.

It just has to be ironic.

In the meantime I thoroughly recommend all writers get their resumes in to the Australian where they are employing idiots left, right and centre (but mainly right).

There were some stupid headlines today: 'Naomi kicked out of Indonesia', 'Warney hit in the Head' care fo The Age alone, but GWB great president quite possibly takes the cake.

And how's this for a conspiracy theory:

'The latest CIA conclusion, that Saddam Hussein had no connections with al-Qa'ida, has to be viewed against the CIA's record of getting everything wrong about Iraq. It was CIA director George Tenet after all, who assured Bush that the case that Saddam had WMDs was a "slam dunk". It also should be noted that saying Saddam had no connections to al-Qa'ida covers the CIA's bureaucratic posterior and lets them off for their flawed assessments of terrorism all through the 1990s. There is substantial evidence of Saddam-al-Qa'ida connections, but that's another column.'



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