Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Tuesday, Australia 2020


We are on the verge of SUPER TUESDAY in the USA.

My tip is on a narrow victory for Obama in the Democratic primaries.

The other political story interesting me is Australia 2020, the Rudd 'hothouse gabfest' according to Barnaby Joyce.

It's good to see 'the vision thing' return to Australian politics. I hope the delegates chosen are drawn from a representative cross section of political views. There will be some interesting outcomes if the various topics of discussion are examined through the prism of all available points of view.

The opposition is resembling a complete and utter rabble over its response to the apology and Australia 2020. They can't collectively decide what to do in relation to these initiatives.

I think in these two issues we are seeing the advantages of incumbency for sitting governments, in that they have the ability to call the tune and dictate the agenda of the day. The opposition on the other hand must choose its response wisely. At the moment they appear to be freewheeling in quicksand, and completely losing traction with the electorate.


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