Wednesday, February 06, 2008

the apologetics' chance

come on guys, here's your BIG opportunity to stand up for the voiceless masses who agree with the sentiment, but cannot - for semantic reasons, naturally - agree with the current proposal.

think of the conservative kudos! the tory glory! you'll have shrines set up in country pubs, gushing news ltd column inches and young liberal facebook groups celebrating your willingness to stand/cross for your convictions despite the pressure of the poofy inner city types.

will alby I will never compromise my principles, honesty and integrity, no matter the cost shultz cross the floor?

we'll know in a week.



Blogger timboy said...

Won't it be a classic if none of them cross the floor.

If they don't walk, what was stopping them saying sorry for the last 11 years?

One man, John Winston Howard?

Just shows how the Libs lack principal on a grand scale.

2:52 PM  

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