Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Debate Backwash

You have to laugh, Andrew Bolt and Tony Abbott both think that the worm was a left wing conspiracy, foisted upon an unsuspecting nation by the evil left wing geniuses at Channel Nine.

Andrew Bolt did muse re Nine: 'How honest is this Left-lurching station, and how trustworthy its most famous face?'

Channel Nine- left lurching, that is a conspiracy indeed.

Especially considering, and in Bolt's own words:

'Of the 48,000 callers, 52 per cent gave the debate to Howard, despite all the worm's work. Viewers of the worm-coverage on Sky News also gave first prize to Howard.'

So the oldies who watch Channel Nine, and the retrograde right wing hacks who watch sky news and profess to enjoy it gave the debate to Howard- No great surprise.

But the 90 swinging voters chosen by Nine gave the vote to Rudd 65/29- It must be a conspiracy!

And then Abbott's conspiracy theory:

"To me, it is pretty clear that that was an audience that had already made up its mind who it was in favour of, and I wonder how that audience was selected."

From my perspective the worm was interesting. It showed who undecided voters may be interested in listening too.

It didn't show who they thought was right or wrong, but it did indicate their preferences.

There was no left wing conspiracy from the very right wing Channel Nine. For a change there was a spirit of independence that has been sadly lacking for the past eleven years.

As Margo Kingston said the other night on Late Night Live, today's Canberra newspack are in many senses 'embedded'. They have cosy agreements with Politicians that guarantee them access to political news makers.

It was courageous of Nine to finally buck the trend.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My two points regarding the pulling of the worm:

1. There is a myth that Channel Nine has a right winged politcal aganda, it only appears right wing because it chases a right wing audience. Channel 9 had no trouble deceiving the Liberals regarding the use of the worm when they thought it would be of ratings benifit!

2. I find it hard to believe that the Liberals applied pressure to the NPC to pull the worm. Why would the Liberals deliberatly damage their relationship with the nations biggest and most influencial news network only a few weeks out from the election?


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