Saturday, September 02, 2006

Vandenbroucke Update

My favorite drug addled manic depressive cyclist has been in the news recently.

Firstly he was sacked from his dodgy druggo gambling team for not showing up to races.

Then he got into trouble for riding in Gran Fondo races in Italy (essentially cyclo-toursit races for old blokes) under the assumed identiy Francesco De Ponte (which roughly translates to Francke vandenbrouke in Italian) with a picture of Tom Boonen on his licence. It is alleged that he would go on a solo break for 150kms, then leave the course and ride home to let the old buggers win. Very strange behaviour indeed.

Now he has been signed to Italian team Acqua Sapone, so he will be racing full time in Italy. This means he has ridden for Lampre, Fassa bortolo, Mapei, Quickstep, Cofidis, Unibet/ Mr Bookmaker, and Lotto. With six teams in the last six years. He makes the great rock and roll swindle look like childs play.

He says he has overcome his depression/ legal problems/ other issues and is now ready to race. He's still youngish (32), and given that he hasn't been racing frequently he might have another 6 years left in him!!!


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