Tuesday, November 04, 2008

And to all the cynics...

For all those who think nothing will change- have a look at how moving his acceptance speach was.

The cynics will say “there he goes again”, all fine words, show me some substance.

But Obama has the words of a fine man, he has the manner of a fine man and the mind of a fine man.

We’re immediately in a much better position than has been the case over the last eight long years of Bush.

With the level of support Obama has received from the grass roots, we are likely to see change coming from the ground up in America for the first time in generations.

Obama has the means at his disposal to achieve great things, now is his time.

Although Camus once famously said that hope is the only thing leaders willingly offer the governed, I think we can rightly hope for a better future under Obama.

And as for the cynics, Paul Keating said it best: "the dogs have started barking, but the caravan has moved on".