Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I love the NT News

News Story

Not very news story

Which one did the NT news decide to run with as their cover story?

Well it wouldn't be a historic court victory for traditional land owners would it.

No, man caught speeding and wanking at the same time, speed wanking if you will.

Bravo NT News, obviously there weren't any crocodile attack stories doing the rounds on the day, otherwise the lead story may have been bumped to second billing.

The only thing the story was lacking was a crocodile. Man caught wanking a crocodile while travelling at 150km/h in a beaten up old Land Rover- that's a lead story.

Ah well

"A TERRITORY man filmed himself speeding at 150km/h while masturbating at the wheel of his drug-laden car, a court heard."

Good stuff


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